work shoes with anti-slip sole and safety toe

Skechers Work Footwear is certified according to European safety standards & EN ISO guideline 20347 (without safety toe) or 20345 (with safety toe). Find the model you are interested in and click on the product number to download the declaration of conformity.

Work: Bulklin - Bragoo | 200053EC_BLK 

Work Relaxed Fit: Sure Track | 76536EC_BBK/NVY/WHT

Work Relaxed Fit: Sure Track - Trickel | 76550EC_BLK

Work: Eldred SR | 76551EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Sure Track - Earth SR | 76576EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Workshire ST | 77009EC_BLK & 77009W_BRN

Work Relaxed Fit: Soft Stride - Grinnell | 77013EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Nampa - Annod SR | 77236EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Cottonwood - Elks SR | 77041EC_BLK 

Work Relaxed Fit: Flex Advantage - McAllen SR | 77048EC_BBK

Work Relaxed Fit: Flex Advantage SR - Bronwood | 77071EC_BLK or _WHT

Work Relaxed Fit: Flex Advantage - Bendon SR | 77125EC_WHT

Work Relaxed Fit: Telfin - Sanphet SR | 77152EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Nampa SR | 77156EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Nampa - Groton SR 77157EC_BLK

Work: Bulklin Comp Toe | 77180EC_BLU

Work: Greetah Comp Toe | 77183EC_BRBK

Work Relaxed Fit: Cessnock SR | 77188EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Dighton - Bricelyn SR | 77200EC_BLK 

Work Relaxed Fit: Ghenter - Bronaugh SR | 77210EC_WHT/BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Ghenter - Srelt SR | 77211EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Nampa - Wyola SR | 77235EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Marsing - Waiola SR | 77281EC_BKW

Work Relaxed Fit: Ghenter - Dagsby SR | 77283EC_BLK

Work: Burgin - Coralrow Camp Toe | 77288EC_BLK

Work: Bulklin - Ayak Comp Toe | 77289EC_BBK

Work Relaxed Fit: Flex Advantage - Fourche SR | 77513EC_BLK

Work: Wascana - Benen WP SR | 77526EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Marsing - Gmina SR | 108010EC_BLK/WHT

Work: Max Cushioning Elite SR | 108016EC_WHT/BLK 

Work: Arch Fit SR | 108019EC_BLK

Work: Uno SR | 108021EC_BLK

Work: Sure Track - Jixie | 108041EC_BLK

Skechers Slip-ins Work: Summits SR - Enslee | 108144EC_BBK

Work: Trophus - Letic ST | 200002EC_BLK

Work: Synergy - Omat Alloy Toe | 200013EC_BLK 

Work: Max Cushioning Elite SR - Rytas | 200021EC_BLK

Work: Arch Fit SR Axtell | 200025EC_BLK

Work: Puxal ESD Comp Toe | 200046EC_BKBL

Work: Puxal - Firmle ESD Comp Toe | 200047EC_BKBL 

Work: Squad SR - Myton | 200051EC_BLK

Work: Bulklin - Bragoo | 200053EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Uno SR - Sutal | 200054EC_BLK

Work: Arch Fit SR - Ringstap | 200086EC_CCLM/BKW/NVRD

Work: Arch Fit Riverbound SR | 200092EC_BLK

Work Relaxed Fit: Elloree - Bluffton SR | 108001EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 77273EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 77501EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 108067EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 76580EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 77005EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 77260EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 77273EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 200092EC_BLK

Work Shoes | 200127EC_BLK